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This was a cool project that I decided to do based on the SabbeSpot posting of the chevron wall she completed at her residence.  Although I originally wanted large mirrors on that wall to enlarge and lighten the space, I had to re-think based on my budget.  Enter creativity.  Since I had been wanting to replace the closet doors in the master bedroom with curtains, I realized that I could use my closet doors as a canvas for some art.

Mmmm…..yessss, some large art that I could put behind the seating area… a lighter color……with some pattern–OH (me remembering the post about the chevron wall on Sabbespot) and voila!—that’s how it happened.

Wood filler....CHECK. Ready to prime.

I turned the closet doors around and removed the wheels from the top of the doors.  I found my wood filler compound and filled the screw holes and let it dry.  I primed all the doors with left over primer I had from previous house painting projects (I took a third door to complete my triptic from the home office room—since there is an odd door out, I will use the fourth door for a different art project in the guest bedroom).

Roller in one hand, camera in the other!

I had previously bought some white contact paper from Home Depot, so I got that out and started planning.  At first, I didn’t know how steep I wanted the zig or the zag to be, so I did a couple of test runs (although doing that led to my demise toward the end of the project when I realized I ran out of contact paper, but I wouldn’t have if I hadn’t done the test runs).  I decided on the 45 degree angle.

I used my yoga mat for extra comfort for my knees while measuring, I couldn't do it on the table for some reason:)

I used:

an exacto knife

a pencil

a 45 degree triangle

and a cutting board (I forgot the specific name of it)

and a ruler

My husband lent a hand!

I turned the contact paper right side down and used the grid on the back as my guide.  After cutting out the zigzags, I measured the center and near the middle of the door and placed my first one, then I ended up placing the pieces 5 inches apart  from each other.  If you’re doing it by yourself, it is probably like a full days job (keep in mind that you would be measuring and cutting while paint is drying, etc).

What do  you think?


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