It has great presence!

I have been seeing and loving these plants all over the place.  Yes, the fiddle leaf fig or Ficus Lyrata adds a bold texture, almost kind of a graphical element to the indoor space.  I have done a bit of reading up about this beautiful indoor plant and found that it is relatively easy to take care of.  This tree needs lots of indirect sunlight and one point to note is that it grows toward the light.  So if you like or want your plant to be more symmetrical, then you will need to rotate it ever so often.  The amount of water it needs depends on how much light it receives, but the soil needs to be able to dry out a little between watering.  There were some more tips about taking care of this plant that I found at The World’s Tree Species blog.

I have found some examples online and I have seen them at my local home depot for around $30.  I actually had been to two different Home Depots and at each location there was only one fiddle leaf fig, so either they are getting more or they only keep a limited stock available.  But definitely also call Lukas Nursery or another local nursery to see if they have them in stock.  Currently, there is perhaps only one place where I could put it in my house, but if that doesn’t work then I may even put one on the front porch and since is grows slowly, I can take it with me where ever I go.  What do you think about this indoor tree?

some extra pizazz :)

a nice pop of color

maybe a smaller statment to grow with

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  1. July 1, 2013

    Hi, thanks for the article – this is my favorite tree, but I have no luck make it branch. Will try again.
    BTW, on the first picture on this page – I really love the chairs (round, light, 60-s style). Could you tell me please where I can get such of a kind?

    Thank you!


  2. July 11, 2013

    I found this loveseat that is reminiscent of that style:
    You’ll have to enter your zipcode to see if there is a retailer near you ;)

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