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Based on the previous post about industrial style windows, I gave myself the mission to find smaller spaces that could give off the same feelings of bliss, casual conversation and croissants, all the while using the elements and principles of light, shape, and nature.  It was a task indeed, but I have rounded up some photos and of spaces with and without windows to help inspire those of you with varying spatial layouts and styles.  All of these nooks are eating nooks, mainly because eating was on the brain while searching for these photos.  So you’ll notice in this first photo, you just want to sit down and have a great conversation, slightly reclined with your legs crossed and a pain au chocolat your hand.

And why?  Why do we imagine this?  There is light from the windows, there is shape in the light fixtures, chairs, and rug, not to mention the element of nature…the flowers.  Of course there is more to it than that, the colors on the various shapes play an important role in mood and ambiance.  And if this is a little too modern for you, that’s fine, feel free to make substitutions.   How about swapping out the rug for one with a floral motif, make the table round (with a light wood stain), have round topped chairs with some elegant fretwork, etc…..you get the picture.  And you know what, I bet that you would still get that same great feeling!

The second photo is another wonderful nook with a different flare, yet offers the same invitation:  come sit, relax and enjoy life.  Not only does this space bring in the literal meaning of “nature” in the form of a plant, but it also offers that textural bamboo shade which totally falls into the nature category.

The above photo is a bit eclectic in taste, but I love the way the colors play off of each other, creating a fun and vibrant mix.

Now this one is very simple and small, yet bright and inviting.  Correct, I do not see any literal “nature” in this one, but I can totally imagine a glass, wall sconce with simple flower clippings affixed to the wall.  LOVE those Thonet style chairs!  Now onto the problem if you are in an apartment or living space in which your nook is not right next to a window, how do you get that “loving feeling” then?  Here are some examples that represent quite well:

See the nook to the right of the photo?  Even though it cannot be near a natural light source, this little eating area is still welcoming with various textures of wood and the rich flower vase.  The artificial light from the track lighting and what I think are candles on the table can help on a cloudy or rainy day.  It is a clean and inviting area whose size is not an issue in light of it’s surroundings and clutter free area.

Now this is more “room,” less “nook,” but it is an example of an eating space with no window within reaching distance.  This is almost like a scholarly, transitional area that welcomes deep conversation with a nice hot latte.  Love the organic and linear shapes, the natural woods, stones, and of course the flowers, and I’m sure that light fixture gives that space the light it needs.  Last but not least, the photo below captured me because of it’s simplicity, lines, and brightness.  Upon looking at other photos of the house, I feel it could use some chairs on the opposite side of the bench, as well as a plant in the corner where the bowling pin is located.  Those changes of course would only need to be made if you were trying to create the specific feel of the inspirational, industrial window space eating area in the previous post.

Images: Made By Girl, Pure Style Home, Kitchenisms, Vintage Indie, Apartment Therapy, Young House Love, Decor 8,

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