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So if you don’t know already, I am in love with the store Anthropologie….thankfully there is one at the Millenia Mall in Orlando, Florida.  One of my clients has some mermaid paraphernalia and wanted her bathroom to have that theme.  Side note: I am very picky about “themed” rooms; the concept of having a themed room is great, but there is a very fine line in regards to a beautiful, coordinated, aesthetically themed room.

In order to keep her bathroom from becoming “over-themed,” I suggested a shower curtain that lends itself to the “feeling” of water, femininity, and mermaids…hence my desire for the Anthropologie Flamenco Shower Curtain, which at at pricey $110 was not really an option considering two things: 1.-expensive for a shower curtain  2.-I would have to cut it (gasp) because the with of the shower opening being a mere 25″ and normal shower curtains are 72″ –that amount of extra volume would add feelings of claustrophobia to this space (not cool).  My next move was clear….MAKE IT!


So for $20 and a day and a half’s time, I made a custom curtain and I got to pick the colors specifically for her bathroom—not too shabby, huh?  For those of you that sew, this is a pretty easy project and yields FABulous rewards :) 


Here’s What I Did:

1Bought various colors of fabric at Jo-Ann’s, I got broadcloth which is a lightweight, solid color, cotton fabric near the quilting section and also near the muslin fabric.  The Anthropologie curtain had 10 layers, so I did some math and decided I needed 10 different strips that would be 7″ apart, leaving around 2″ at the top for the button holes (which is where the curtain hooks will be attached).  So I got 1/3 of a yard (12″)  per row, so if you wanted the same color on 2 different rows, then do 2/3 of a yard (24″).  For the back of the curtain, I bought 2 and 1/4 yard of white.  BUT my shower curtain was a custom size of 25″ wide, so you will need more for the normal 72″ wide shower curtain, so plan accordingly.  I would suggest 1 yard for each row, because you could cut 3 strips out of 1 yard and then sew them together to create one row.  For the back I would get 4 and 1/4 yards.


2 I pre-washed all of the fabric


3 I measured, folded the unfinished edges in twice and ironed them to keep them in place during sewing.  I did this to all the rows and also the back of the shower curtain.


4 I sewed each row and then for “gathering” the fabric, I sewed a basting line with loose tension across the top.  Afterward, I tied a knot one side and then pulled the bottom string on the other side to bunch the fabric together (might have to make a video for this step) and then I tied a knot at the other end once I got the desired effect.


Gathered Effect

5 You should mark the places for the button holes at the top of the curtain back and space them according to the holes of a standard shower liner.  Then make button holes across the top (I did this step after I sewed the rows to the back, which was okay, but it was more of a hassle that way).   Seam rip the hole openings.



Don’t forget to seam rip!



6 Lay out the curtain back, measure and place the rows onto the curtain back and pin them in place (you could also just pin and sew one row at a time).


Pin it in place



7 Sew the rows to the back


8 Voila!



  1. February 1, 2011

    Are you going to post the finished product in the bathroom? Such a great idea by the way!!!

  2. February 2, 2011

    YOU are fabulous.

  3. February 8, 2011

    You are amazing! you should make those and sell them on line! they are beautiful!

  4. February 17, 2011

    Dude… you are AMAZING!!! Wish i had 1/4 of the creativity that you have in your little finger :)

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