Riser for cable box, dvd player, etc


This DIY came about simply because I couldn’t find anything in the stores that met my criteria/vision for one of my clients homes.  I had created this window seat/TV stand/storage area in Kahni’s living room and wanted her cable box/DVD player/etc. to be off of the ground and it couldn’t be enclosed in cabinets, and it also needed to be able to hide all the “cordage” hanging out in the back for all to see.  So after peruzzing store and website galore, I decided that I just needed to buck up and do if myself!  The cost was around $75, however, if you already have primer, paint and paint brushes at your house, then you will save around $20.  I also already had some finishing nails and wood glue and wood filler, so I didn’t have to purchase those items.  Here is a bit of a tutorial on how I did it:



  • miter box or compound miter saw
  • hammer
  • screwdriver
  • finishing nails
  • wood glue
  • wood filler
  • wood for the top of riser
  • molding for the sides
  • 4 legs
  • 4 top plates (hardware for legs)
  • paint and primer
  • pencil


How To:

  1. Cut wood and molding to desired size (Measure carefully!  Measure twice, cut once!
  2. Mark out where  you want the top plate for the legs to be (I marked 1 inch in from the edge of the top piece) and then place the top plate onto the wood and mark the holes where the screws will be inserted
  3. Pre-drill holes for top plate
  4. Screw in all four top plates
  5. Put some wood glue on edge one edge of wooden top (for molding)
  6. You will probably need a second person to help at this point!
  7. Have helper hold molding to edge while you hammer in finishing nails (I just did two on each side, nearer the edges)
  8. Do the other edges the same way….I only did three edges and left the back without molding
  9. Add a finishing nail (if needed) where the corners of the molding meet
  10. Put wood filler in any gaps and let dry
  11. Lightly sand wood filler areas
  12. Prime and let dry
  13. Paint (I used three different paints for a weathered look) and let dry
  14. Screw in legs
  15. Voila!


Pre-drill holes for top plates

Top plates! The legs just screw in....SO easy!

A finishing nail and some wood filler helped this look more seamless ;)

It's coming together

Prime it up!

Not too Shabby!

Riser in Kahni's Family Room...Lookin' goooood!

It's all coming together

Tackle any DIY projects lately? Tell me about it ;)



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