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Sometimes when you buy a house, there are some less desirable features….like built-in entertainment centers.  Perhaps it is just my personal opinion, but it doesn’t leave you with a lot of placement options or style options.  Well, I came across this built-in at Mindy’s house and they didn’t want to remove it (time/money/mess/etc), so I came up with a solution and I hope you dig ;)  This was definite Ikea Hack waiting to happen….I used some Besta frames and drawers, Integral rails and Akurum doors; add in some white paint and accessories…voila!



Almost After....those mirror frames are too big for the opening, so I need to return and exchange ;)


What do You think?

Here’s What I Used:

  • 2 Besta Frames
  • 8 drawers (Inreda drawers, Besta drawer fronts)
  • 8 drawer pulls (Strecket Handles)
  • 4 Akurum doors
  • 2 Integral rails
  • wood from Home Depot**
  • Accessories (mirrors, candles, globes, baskets)


Here’s What I Did:

  • I measured all the built-in spaces first so that I knew the correct measurements and which Ikea frames would work.  I had to do some online Ikea research before going to the store, so that I could just get what I needed.  What you end up getting depends on the size and depth of your built in and what features/functions you are looking for….take all that into account during your research phase.  I took a Besta drawer front to Home Depot and tried to match the color as best I could, so that the walls, the cabinet doors and the drawers would look seamless.

Removed the "decorative" trim around the top opening


  • Tape off surrounding area and paint the built-in area (remember to spackle any holes, sand necessary areas to create a uniformed surface)
  • Assemble and install the Besta frames and drawers

Slowly but surely

  • For the Integral rail and Akurum door slides, I had to do some math and figure out what kind of wood I would need in order to get the rail to attach to the wall (because they are meant to work with the Ikea kitchen cabinets).  Once I got the wood, I cut it to size, pre-drilled some holes and attached it to the wall.  After that, I could then install the railing system without any issues.  The bottom doors on the built in are still Akurum doors, but I had to turn them sideways and mark new railing placements on them so that they would work and cover up the small little opening on the left, as well as, the major opening for the cable box.

It is raised from the surface because of the way the railing is made

One more rail to go...

  • Add accessories and make it work!





Don’t be afraid, tackle those built-in’s today!



  1. November 13, 2011

    Seriously impressive, Loi!

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