Filled With Dirt and Add Plants

Filled With Dirt and Add Plants

HEY YO!  I am super excited about the Spring and the plans for our yard.  I don’t remember if I ever wrote about our pallet veggie boxes, but we’ve had them for a while now and wanted to put a nicer facade/hold the dirt in without using garbage bags, UNTIL NOW!  Below is how they have looked since we got them and the garbage bag lining was a temporary solution:

Tile Pallet Boxes

We bought fence pickets at Home Depot for $1.44 each and we bought 38 of them (6″X6′).  That’s 54.72 plus tax and bonus for us is that we had a gift card from my hubby’s birthday, so it was mostly free! I should also mention that we bought coated nails ($2.98 + tax), taking the advice from the fencing materials website which recommended them because they don’t rust as quickly as the regular nails.

We needed 12 pickets per garden bed, which would equal 36, but we plan on making two small planter boxes for another area in the yard from the remnants of the 3 big beds, so we needed two extra to complete that other project.


The How To:

  1. Measure your pallet box (these boxes were originally used to ship tile, so you may get them for free from a local tile store.  We got ours for free off of Craigslist)
  2. Calculate how many pickets you need for your bed.  Our boxes measured 36″ wide by 45.5″ deep by 28″ tall.  So 4 pickets were cut exactly in half and used 4 for the front and 4 for the back (we put the dog-eared sides in the back), then we used eight pickets for each side and had left over pieces that were 26.5″ tall (we cut some so the the remnant had the dog ear and others so that it did not).  A total of 6 dog-eared left over pieces were used on the front of the beds for a more finished look. Fence Pickets
  3. Cut pickets according to your specifications (Use a circular or table saw) Cut Fence Pickets
  4. Line up your picket at the top of the box where you want it and start hammering ;)  We used 2 nails on either end of the boards for a total of 4 nails per piece. One side nailed in
  5. Nail in all of your boards All Sides Nailed In
  6. Add the decorative vertical pieces Decorative Vertical panels on front sides
  7. Voila!

Filled With Dirt and Add Plants

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