I love checkered floors (on a diagonal), especially in kitchens and this was my inspiration for painting the runner rug for my kitchen. I have wanted a runner for the kitchen for awhile now and I didn’t want to have a bunch of smaller rugs littering the floor.  I found an indoor/outdoor jute rug on and got to work ;) It was so fast and easy, I think it took less than 3 hours and I am really happy with the results!


Here’s What I Used:

  • measuring tape
  • painters tape
  • rug (the color is dark grey)
  • latex paint
  • foam roller
  • paint tray

Depends on your perfection level, I just eye-balled the sides

Here’s What You Do:

  1. Decide on the placement you want (I did 24″ diagonal squares)
  2. Used the measuring tape and painter’s tape to layout your pattern
  3. roll on one coat of paint in the areas that need it
  4. let dry
  5. roll on a second coat of paint
  6. let dry
  7. VOILA!

Taping Complete

Almost done

Wonderful addition to my Kitchen!


I am super happy with the results ;) The kitchen is the ultimate test for a rug, so we’ll see how it holds up!

**The original post was on 11/19/2011**

  1. April 18, 2013

    Wow, look at that it came out great! I don’t know if my painting skills are good enough to do something like this but it certainly adds a little something compared to a plain black rug.

  2. August 24, 2013

    Hi – just wondering if the rug stays soft to walk on or becomes stiff?

  3. August 27, 2013

    Hi Sandra,
    The rug is made out of a jute material, so I wouldn’t describe it as soft to begin with; however, when walking on it with bare feet, you can tell a difference at first, but it wasn’t bad in my opinion. In the kitchen where there can be a lot of spills, it is easier to clean on the painted area. And actually, the more wear it gets from foot traffic, the less difference you can tell between the painted and unpainted area. Also after a long while, the paint does wear as well…it is still defined, just not as bright ; ) I hope this helps!

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