Treadmill Station in the guest room closet!

Home Fitness equipment is not very pleasing on the eye, it’s like a big, black vortex, sucking the beauty out of whatever room it is in (unless you specifically have a room for that purpose, then that is fine).  We have a treadmill that I try to use on a regular basis and it dwells in our guest room and for the longest time it has been in the corner, lording it’s gloom and doom all over our guest space.  I had been racking my brain for months trying to figure out what kind of armoire/cabinet/wardrobe I could buy/alter in order to hide the treadmill inside while not in use.

Treadmill Collage

The Clutter that was in our Closet:

Closet Clutter Collage

Finally one day we were cleaning out the little closet in that room and my husband looks at me and says, “You know what…” and it was like I read his mind in that instant, and I said, “Absolutely, why didn’t we think of this before!!!”  Put the treadmill in the closet, it is literally the perfect size and the closet door swings all the way back to the wall (no claustrophobia)!  I was literally floating on air for days at this “novel” idea: Get rid of the many things we don’t need to allow for the fewer thing(s) we actually want.

Treadmill Closet Station!

We removed one of the builder grade shelves and added a shelf that was positioned at the right height for TV watching ; )  We left the shelf at the top of the closet for the handful of things that we did end up keeping from our closet raid.  Most of the things taking up space in our closet before were: saved boxes of purchased items (in case we needed to return them), memorabilia, boxes of stuff from other people for other people and hangers.  Now I must say, we did not throw away the memorabilia, we have an area for that already, it just had not “made it” to that designated place.

Treadmill in a Closet Components.

Most people that have guest rooms and closets in those guest rooms, don’t really keep them empty for guests.  It’s usually an additional storage area, so why not make it multi-purpose?  Especially if you live in a smaller home where space is limited and you have a large piece of exercise equipment that is fold-able, this can be a great solution!  Also, instead of a treadmill, if you have one of those large exercise balls, weights, yoga mats, etc., your guest closet could house those items in a similar way.  The possibilities are endless, I hope this gives you the inspiration you were looking for!

  1. September 27, 2013

    That’s awesome use of your space!

  2. September 27, 2013

    How cool!! Such a smart idea! :D

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