Warning: All of the following photos are quite beautiful….and they are trying to kill you!  Not really, but it is true that while some elements look great photographed, I would not recommend you doing the same thing in your home.  Here are 3 Pinterest examples that I want to review:

Do’s and Dont’s…

Small White Kitchen

Photo Via Pinterest

DO: Get creative with small spaces to make way for more storage

DON’T: Put your hand towels over a stove, or oven range…Any accident mixed with a fire hazard is not a good combination.


Framed headboard

Photo via Pinterest

DO: DIY headboards are a great way to save money

DON’T: use a framed piece of art as a headboard (especially if you like to lean back). If the art has a glass frame, then leaning back is not a good idea. Also, if it doesn’t have glass, it could rip and/or get marks/stains on it pretty easily


Holiday Fireplace

Photo via Pinterest

DO: Get festive during the holidays and everyday for that matter!

DON’T: Light candles and place directly under real or fake greenery.  That could create a potentially unpleasant situation.


I just want to re-iterate that all of these photographs make me want to pull a Goldilocks! However, I just want to remind all of us who can get wrapped up in the pretty, to be careful and safety first!


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