Christmas Tree Container

I am loving the whole trend of Christmas trees in containers. And while the budget is tight this Christmas, I stumbled upon a solution that I’m quite happy with and I want to share it with you! Since we’ve been married (going on 6 years), we’ve gotten a live tree every year. They’re usually on the smaller side, which I really like AND since our house is small, it makes perfect sense.

Following that line of thought, I also like my trees to be propped up off of the floor to give the illusion of a little more height. Soooooo, this year it dawned on my that my storage ottoman looked like it was wide enough to fit the tree base into it and when I measured it, sure enough, it was a perfect fit!

So Here’s What I Did:

  • Emptied my storage ottoman and removed lid
  • Open a large trash bag and place inside the ottoman
  • Place the Christmas tree with base in to the trash bag
  • Water your tree
  • Put excess edges of trash bag into the ottoman, around the tree base
  • VOILA!


I debated between putting a tree skirt underneath, I ended up doing it, but I don’t think it needs one necessarily. I was SO pumped when this idea sprung into my mind! I hope this inspires you to use what you have and “Make it work” as Tim Gunn would say!



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