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The dream for Oh My Goods! is to form a community that is more about celebrating life than simply accumulating things.  Oh My Goods is about encouraging the creation of environments that invite, inspire and reflect.


When we create beautiful environments, hopefully this encourages us to share our space with others and develop relationships that build community.


Believe it or not, our environments do help to shape our attitude, mood, productivity, sensibilities, thoughts processes, etc.  Having a great living space is not just a superficial thing—sometimes people think art, beauty, design and creativity are unnecessary, however, I believe that they are essential to inspiring one another to be great people and do great things.  Most importantly, it enhances the quality of our being.


Life cannot be enjoyed by just being “on the go” all of the time because that is not living, that’s surviving.  When we have houses, condos, apartments and duplexes that make us feel more relaxed, we can make time to reflect on the past, the present, and the future, so that we can make better choices for ourselves and others.

I Believe that our “consumer culture” can be utilized in a responsible way for our wallets, for each other and for our physical world.

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My name is Loi, I live in Orlando, FL with my husband of 5 years and I am borderline obsessed with Home Design.  I want to create a place that helps people make better, more informed choices when it comes to decorating their spaces.  I have an eclectic and whimsical personal aesthetic, however, I can and do appreciate other commonly beloved styles!  In addition, I am a singer-songwriter-guitarist, navigating my way through an unfamiliar musical terrain one day at a time ;)  Feel free to check out my songs and my melodic journey right HERE.

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