Stylist Notes: Looks to be in excellent condition. Ask seller for dimensions to make sure it fits in your space. Great Hollywood Regency vibe, but it can work with traditional and eclectic aesthetics really well. Go to Craigslist Post: $100 Light Fixture *These items I find while perusing on Craigslist Orlando are not my own…

Stylist Notes: Great price for DIY footstools Check for sturdiness and quality Re-upholster and possibly paint Use in entryway, living room, family room, bedroom Go To Craigslist Post: Two Foot Stools/Ottomans

Stylist Notes: Seems to be in great condition Amazing price Would work well in small spaces Could also be used in an entryway, home library, office, or as console table in a living room or family room. Go To Craigslist: Kitchen Table $25

Stylist Notes: Traditional accent chair Check condition and quality in person Great price Go to Craigslist Post: Jade  Accent Chair.

Stylist Notes: Traditional cedar lined armoire Looks to be in great condition See in person and negotiate on price Re-stain or paint as desired Perfect cabinet for a baby’s/kid’s/guest’s room, as an entry coat closet  or use for organizing/storage in a craft room or kitchen. Go To Craigslist Post: Cedar Lined Antique Armoire

Stylist Notes: Check to make sure this piece is made of real wood Has a nice simple look with some texture which can be worked into many different aesthetics Could be used as a craft cabinet as well Double check dimensions Go to Craigslist Post: Lexington Folding Bar

Stylist Notes: Nice quality furniture for free! Separate and use in various rooms if desired (example: center piece could be use in a craft room, bookcases could be used to flank a doorway or fireplace in a family room) Paint, stain or leave as-is Go To Craigslist Post: Solid Oak Entertainment Center

Stylist Notes: Great “character” piece for home Use as an entry bench, on a porch, in a living room, play room, game room Check on condition in person Re-finishing not necessary (depends on your taste) Go to Craigslist Post: Auditorium Wooden Folding Seats

Stylist Notes: Great Traditional Style Real wood Could need refinishing (example 1, example 2) Unsure of condition, see in person Go to Craigslist Post: Antique Oak Table.

Stylist Notes: Great price for two shelving units Trendy bamboo style Looks to be in good shape Spray paint to change color (if desired) Here’s some Pinterest Examples: Use as a bookshelves, Flank a doorway, In between windows, Use as shoe/hat/bag display, Put in a bathroom Go to Craigslist Post: Glass Shelves

Stylist Notes: Great shape and line, perfect for a breakfast area or small dining area Works with various styles Check dimensions Unsure of color and condition, see table in person before committing to buy Non traditional use: place in a home library as a study desk or reading table! Go to Craigslist: $75 Dining Room…

Stylist Notes: These tables look to be in excellent condition, no fixing up necessary They have a great timeless shape that could work with a myriad of decor styles Could even be used together as a coffee table (here’s an example) Dimensions are listed, so make sure they will work in your space Go to…

Stylist Notes: Great price for a DIY set of real wood storage bins with lids Definitely needs some work; either touch up or paint Useful in literally any room of the house Handles could be mounted to the lids, maybe put some casters on the bottom, depending on function, add a padded seat on the…

Stylist Notes: This is made of wood. Sure beats a vinyl top, metal card table! Find out dimensions Great to use for parties/events and folds up for storage Go to Craigslist Post: $35 Card Table With Chalkboard Top

$40 Foyer Table (comes with chair and table runner) Stylist notes: Good price for a basic wooden entryway table Transitional style that you can “dress” any way you want Could use behind a sofa, in an entryway or even in an office as a printer/supply table

GRAY VINTAGE SIDE TABLE Stylist Notes: This is a beautiful piece for an amazing price! Can be used as a side table or nightstand. No DIY work necessary!

Two Chairs & Table Stylist Notes: Very nice bamboo and caning details, which seem to be in great shape. Try to get chairs without table for a lower price. Re-upholstering seats is a major probability. Re-painting optional Could be used as head chairs in a dining room, extra seating in a bedroom, flanking a console…

OVAL Wall Mirror Stylist Notes: Great Price! Nice Textural Accent. Would work well in an entryway, dresser vignette, or grouped in a gallery wall collage.

Beautiful green hutch Stylist Notes: Simple Country cabinet. Could be dressed up or down. Possibly re-paint or “shabbify.” This style could also work well with mission, whimsical, shabby-chic and eclectic.

White Dining Table Stylist Notes: Great “cottage” feel. Perfect to use as a breakfast table or in a home library

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