OMG! Home Decor: Common Questions

Question: How do I use this website?

Answer: The purpose of Oh My Goods! is to offer resources for creative living.  You can find the best local Craigslist deals, peruse through inspirational posts, explore interior decorating tips, tricks & how-to’s!

Question: I clicked on a Craigslist link and the page I was taken to, has a “deleted by Author” message, what does that mean?

Answer: Basically, those messages mean that the listing is no longer available.  Either it has been manually deleted by the person who created the listing or it is past the 30 day listing period and is no longer active.

Question: Why isn’t there someone curating Craigslist for my city?

Answer: We haven’t been able to expand to other cities yet, but hopefully soon

Question: Can you look up items specifically for me?

Answer: At this time, we cannot render services for individual clients.

Question: I clicked on the Giveaways link, but only past giveaways are showing, what’s wrong?

Answer: If only past Giveaways are showing that means there are no current Giveaways happening.

Question: I would like to advertise on your site, how to I do that?

Answer: Email and we will be sure to give you our rates