Blank Canvas...

Blank Canvas…

3 Strategic Essentials:

The good thing is you can (and should) begin the following process even before you set foot into your new space!

1)    Make a plan (include budget and goals): As with any life endeavor, decorating takes thought and effort.

A.    Stick to your guns: it’s okay if you make a few changes, but try your hardest to stay the course.  Adapt when necessary
B.    Be patient, happy and grateful for each step in the process.

2)    Write out a list of things that you need to use right away (especially if you are literally starting from scratch with not a single piece of furniture).  Do a bit of research to find the best deal; make time to do this, it will help with your budget.

3)    Borrow items from friends and/or family:  A bed is probably one of the first things you will want to buy, but why not use an air mattress from your parents (or whomever) until you do the research and find the best deal?  It’s ok borrow certain items for a bit and you should take advantage of that if you can. People usually want to help during a moving process in whatever way they can because they know it’s a big undertaking.